Image Credit: Christopher Drake

Greetings everyone! ‘Tis the time for that sort of thing. Yes, I’m still stranded on this planet, although this blog gives the impression that I have left it already. I know it’s been a while, it was never my intention to neglect this place, but I think I did just that by taking a long time off from it. I have a bit of news to share with you.

I have felt the need for a change on this blog, and decided to give it a new address. It will happen sometime in the future and before I do that I wanted to let you all know, because I know that some of you still like to pop by for a visit. So, if you aren’t already a WordPress or email follower of this blog, please subscribe via email so I can send you the new link – only if you want to know of course! I may also need to set the blog to ‘private’ for some time, and I thought I would give you a heads-up before you stumble upon that in the future. Yes, I’m complicated like that, and I can only apologise.

While I was away from writing, I read some of your blogs and I’m happy to see that everyone is doing well. Best wishes for the season, and thanks for reading.