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Photograph courtesy Jia Hao, TWAN. A stargazer stands in awe as comet Lovejoy skims across the night sky over Australia on December 2011. Officially known as C/2011 W3, the comet was predicted to dive into the sun and be destroyed. Instead the icy body survived its solar encounter and went on to offer Southern Hemisphere sky-watchers rare views of its bright tail in the predawn skies.

The rule number one of the universe is that nothing lasts forever. Nothing! You, me, our families, friends, houses, cars, pets, the stars…even the mighty sun will come to an end. Yet we somehow seem to know what forever feels like, don’t we? Sometimes a forever can happen in sixty seconds. Sometimes it can happen in sixty minutes. Time has no impact on eternity. It is the absence of time rather than the extension of time. Whether there’s a never ending paradise or eternally flaming hell after life….we all experience forever right here on Earth.

An instant pain which shoots through your heart can lodge in your soul for eternity. Sometimes all it takes is just a few words put together in a certain order, a question mark carefully placed in a sensitive spot and a pause that never ended thereafter. And it takes one person, out of the seven billion in this world to utter those words in a moment that will forever resonate in life and this universe. That’s all it takes to create an eternity. And no matter how hard you try, you cannot be rid of it, because it is forever.

The thing about forever is that you can’t change it. You can’t change the fact that it is forever. In life…there are things that you can never do again, people you can never love again and places you can never be in again. It is true that we can’t turn the clock back, but sometimes, the stories behind those things we can’t do, people we can’t love and places we can’t be in, manage to create eternities that are bigger than others.

And what most of us really want, is to relive such an eternity, that is pure innocent and happy. So, when John Green in The Fault in Our Stars, says “some infinities are bigger than other infinities,” he’s talking about the short period of time Hazel and Gus spent together… but in that short time itself an eternity was created. It is bigger because their love was bigger and it is infinite because their love was infinite. Time has no relevance to the creation of forevers. It is not about how long you live. It’s about how much of yourself was really there and how much of yourself was really lost, at a given point of time.

You don’t have to live forever to know what an eternity feels like, neither do you have to wait till after death. Like heaven and hell can be formed right here on earth, infinities too can be created during our lifetime. In some of them we are happier, in some we are loved and in some we are alone. The important thing is….they exist..and some are certainly bigger than others.